Marin-based CHP officers rescued a small orange cat on Saturday who somehow managed to get inside the movable median barrier near the south tower of the Golden Gate Bridge.

They relayed the tale on Facebook which was subsequently picked up by CBS 5 and elsewhere, and it all happened just before 3 p.m., after they received a report from a concerned citizen who spotted the kitten.

Officers say that they missed the cat on their first pass across the bridge, but then on a second pass, "As they approached the south tower on the bridge they noticed a little furry head popping out from inside of the movable median barrier that separates the northbound and southbound lanes. The officers blocked the lane of traffic and exited their vehicle to rescue the little guy. They were able to quickly free the little guy and hop back in their car to safely transport him off the bridge."


The kitten was taken to VCA Madera Pet Hospital in Corte Madera where he was checked out and given "a much needed bath."

The CHP says "We are very perplexed as to how he managed to get so far out in the middle of the Golden Gate Bridge without being hit by another vehicle," and I would concur.

Was the cat purposely abandoned in such a precarious spot? The kitten had no collar and no microchip, and so for now, they've tentatively named him Bridges and Officer Smith of the Marin CHP is fostering the kitten until he can find a permanent home.

The CHP is asking if anyone recognizes the cat or lost him to contact them on Facebook or at 415-924-1100.

His name is Bridges. Photo: CHP-Marin