Where, oh where has Pig-Pig gone?

KRON 4 (naturally) has the story of the mysterious disappearance of Pig-Pig, a 3-year-old 100-pound mini pot-bellied pig belonging to San Jose residents Mark and Jeannie Ackerman. The Ackerman's last saw Pig-Pig when they fed her at around 9 a.m. on Sunday. When the couple returned home from a barbecue (ahem), Pig-Pig was gone and all of the security cameras aimed at her pen had been ripped down.

"I don't know if she's getting the proper care. She requires a lot of water. She requires getting a mud bath to coat her skin properly," Ackerman told ABC 7.

The Ackermans have set up a GoFundMe page to raise a $1,000 reward for the safe return of Pig-Pig. "We are desperate to find her!" the page reads. "She is vary sweet, friendly and adventurus."

But wait, crime sleuths! A scanning of messages posted to the Ackerman's GoFundMe page reads, "Tell the Ackermans to check their FB messages. Someone re-posted a picture of the pig with the words 'Pig on our porch.' I pm'd the contact info."

Could this be Pig-Pig?!? Did Pig-Pig just wander away after tearing down those oppressive cameras and stroll onto someone else's porch? It's not clear if the porch pig in question has Pig-Pig's distinctive black stripe but if I were one of the Ackermans, this is a lead I'd want to follow.

Meanwhile, NBC Bay Area has the news that this has happened before. Someone snatched the adorable black and white pig two years ago and later dropped her off at Emma Prusch Farm Park in San Jose.

Mark and Jeannie Ackerman don't care who has their pig, they just want Pig-Pig back home.

"Thank you in advance," The Ackermans GoFundMe page reads. "There is a police report for her theft, however, we are not looking to prosecute. Her family misses her."

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