The warm weather we've been expecting for the weekend is definitely here, officials say, warning Bay Area residents that conditions will be unseasonably hot from Friday afternoon through Sunday night.

Bay City News reports that the National Weather Service predicts that inland Bay Area cities face "temperatures in the triple digits, up to 20 degrees higher than normal." That's why the NWS has issued an Excessive Heat Watch for the entire Bay Area, except for locales on the immediate coastline.

Inland cities in the East and North Bay are expected to hit 90-100 degrees, and "southern Salinas Valley and Pinnacles National Park are both expected to exceed 100 degrees," BCN reports. The highest temperatures are expected Saturday, but ABC 7 predicts that Sunday (aka Father's Day) "will be particularly hot."

NWS officials say that the high temperatures bring numerous risks, including:

  • Possible overheating of outdoor pets and livestock
  • An "increased risk of heat-related illnesses for sensitive groups like the young or the elderly, and especially for anyone exposed to outdoor heat"
  • An "increased risk of drowning, hypothermia and water rescues on the coast due to an influx of people going to the ocean for the cooler temperatures"

Though the current NWS advisory ends on Sunday, ABC 7 says we might remain hot for a while, as "Looking forward into next week, this heat does not look to break...In fact, some of the hottest air in the United States will be centered over California." Insert CA is full of hot air joke here!

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