As noted last night Yahoo's (last?) CEO, Marissa Mayer, is jobless following the company's completed acquisition by Verizon. So what's she going to do now, besides checking her bank balance for that estimated $23 million severance package? Send some Gmails, she said Tuesday.

Before you get too jealous of that $23 million, know this: After a March investigation into Yahoo's botched hack management, Mayer was denied her annual bonus this year, some $2 million in cash and stock. Looking further back, if Mayer had been booted in 2014, her severance would have totaled around $157.9 million, multiple news orgs reported at the time. That package's worth dropped to $59.3 million in 2015, and to $37 million as of March 2016. OK, sure, we can still all wish we had that $23 million, but I think we can also all agree that that missed chance to get fired for $157 M in 2014 would nag at us, just a little.

Mayer, who told staff as recently as last July that following the sale "I’m planning to stay. I love Yahoo, and I believe in all of you," officially resigned Tuesday. That same day she published a Tumblr (ha, remember Tumblr!?!) post detailing her accomplishments. One of the greatest, she says:

We fundamentally improved Yahoo Mail, completely rewriting much of the infrastructure to provide a far more flexible and reliable system, while creating a robust mobile offering. Mobile Mail recently surpassed desktop Mail in daily users, which shows the power of the product and the platform we reinvented

However, it appears Yahoo Mail wasn't improved quite enough, as while speaking at the Accelerate-Her Forum in London, Mayer said she was looking forward to getting back on the Gmail train.

Consumerist reports that "Mayer later noticed that her remark was zipping around the world, and Tweeted that her remarks were taken out of context, and she still has room in her heart for two email services and apps. She looks forward to seeing how Gmail has changed in the last five years, and since its early days."

But, let's get real. When it comes down to it, most efficient people only use one inbox, because flipping around between multiple platforms is a goofball waste of time. In the end, saw The Highlander. Which service do you think will end up winning the newly-jobless Mayer's heart, Gmail or Yahoo mail?

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