Does your basement play space lack a stockade?* Are you in need of some shackles, mechanical sex devices, or the like? Or do you just like the idea of telling houseguests that the chair they're sitting in was featured prominently in Psycho Bitch Gangbang? Then you may want to head to the Armory on Thursday afternoon where, as part of's relocation of all production to Las Vegas, the fetish porn concern is selling off a bunch of props and furniture.

We don't have a list of what may be available as part of this most unusual sort of garage sale, but they've advertised the sale on Craigslist saying it will be happening from noon to 5 p.m. on Thursday. It looks like it may be happening again from noon to 5 on Saturday as well.

"Purchase a piece of SF kinky history," they write. But you can't just drop in. Use the Craigslist link and email them your name so that the security team will have you on a list, should you want to peruse what's available.

Update: Kink sent over a couple photos of things for sale, including coffins, and a really disgusting looking toilet.




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* SFist has not confirmed that a stockade is among the items for sale, but we are awaiting further details.