More than two dozen horses got loose from a stable in Golden Gate Park early Wednesday morning, and park rangers and SFPD officers had to scramble like actual cowboys to wrangle and corral them all. As KTVU reports, "How they got loose was not immediately clear. But when KTVU arrived on scene about 7 a.m., rangers and wranglers had already found all of the missing animals and were walking them back home. At least some of the horses had found their way into a nearby dog park."

ABC 7 got some video which you can see above, and below you can see another video of some horses trotting around in the fenced-in dog park.

It's unclear what led to this morning's jailbreak, or who all the horses belong to. We know that as of the last couple months, the Recreation and Parks Department was offering trail rides from the Bercut Equestrian Field, and presumably some extra horses were brought in for that. And the department has not yet tweeted about this incident. Stay tuned.

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