Many of us were left scratching our heads at the news of a child dumped near the SF Zoo Monday evening. Late Tuesday night police released more details on the case, including information on the child's sibling and her parents.

According to a press release sent by late Tuesday by the San Francisco Police Department, witnesses say they saw "a female throwing items out of her vehicle on the 2800 block of the Great Highway" before they saw her "push her 5-year old daughter out of the stationary vehicle causing the child to land on the concrete."

The woman, who police do not identify, then drove away "with her one-year old son leaving her daughter unattended and uncared for."

As previously reported, this all happened at around 8:30 p.m. Monday evening. At the same time as the kid was allegedly shoved from the car, an ambulance passed through the scene at the intersection of Great Highway and Sloat Boulevard. It stopped, and paramedics cared for the kid, who "did not appear to be injured."

At the same time that the woman was first witnessed tossing stuff from the car, "a male on a skateboard was observed leaving the scene," police say. That man, who police say is the father of the one-year-old who remained in the car, does not appear to have seen the woman kick the older child out of the vehicle.

Though "SFPD officers searched hotels along the Great Highway for both parents but were unable to locate either parent," Tuesday night police managed to track down the skateboarding man, they say. He "disclosed where the infant child was located and SFPD Special Victims Unit investigators along with Child Protective Services representatives located the infant child in Oakland with a baby sitter."

Both kids are now in the care of San Francisco's Child Protective Services, police say, and their mom "has surrendered herself into the custody of SVU investigators and is currently being interviewed," police said Tuesday night.

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