Tigger the cat and Magic the rabbit are best friends, you guys. And now the Marin Humane Society is looking for someone to take them both in, because they can't be separated.

CBS 5 picks up the story of Tigger and Magic, who were living together with a family that couldn't take the pair with them when they moved. Tigger is 9 years old and Magic 6, and as far as we know they've been together all of Magic's life — they follow each other around, sleep together, and eat together.

As Marin Humane spokesperson Lisa Bloch tells the station, "When two animals are bonded it means a lot, just like when two people are bonded. So we hope to find them a great home."

And a bonus for anyone who might adopt them (I'm guessing there could be a lot of takers after this news broadcast): They're both housebroken, each with his own litter box.

Update: Bloch reached out to SFist to let us know that as of Friday, Magic and Tigger were adopted by a San Francisco family, and below is a going home photo with Magic.