A previously discussed project to repave one of the main runways at SFO, which is now in crunch-time as the summer travel rush quickly approaches, is going to result in significant delays and many flight cancellations this big travel weekend. While the work was supposed to be suspended over Memorial Day Weekend under the original schedule, as the Chronicle reports, airport officials announced Monday that they can't afford to take the weekend off now, and they're sorry.

The repaving is happening on the airport's main landing strip, Runway 28L, and the work began in late March, with most of it concentrated on nights and weekends in order to minimize the impact on travelers. The project already caused widespread delays and cancelations over one weekend in April, and that's expected again this weekend after inclement weather in the past couple months has put the project behind schedule.

It's expected that about eight percent of the total flights in and out of SFO are going to be cancelled, or about 100 per day, so travelers are being warned to be on the lookout and stay in contact with their airlines.

Airport spokesman Doug Yakel tells the Chronicle, "Yeah, it might impose an inconvenience during the Memorial Day weekend, but it would impose a much greater inconvenience during the peak summer weekends that we’re starting to get into." That is not going to be any consolation to people whose weekends get ruined by this.

The runway project includes new tarmac and a new strip of LED lighting down the center of the runway.

Work is expected to begin as of 10 p.m. on Friday, so if you're leaving earlier that that maybe you'll be OK. The work for this weekend will be wrapping up at 4 p.m. Monday, but will continue on nights and weekends into June.

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