This GOP attack ad out of Georgia is the gift that keeps on giving here at SFist, and today the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that the super PAC behind the ad has swapped out the image of a San Francisco cable car at the end of the ad following on a cease-and-desist letter from the SFMTA over the image's unauthorized use. The Congressional Leadership Fund (CLF) and its ad agency made quick work of replacing the cable car — onto which a Jon Ossoff campaign banner was Photoshopped — with an image of the Golden Gate Bridge, this time with a banner that has Nancy Pelosi and Jon Ossoff side by side. Because, in case you weren't aware, Georgians are supposed to be violently opposed to all things Pelosi.

The SFMTA's letter was only sent on Tuesday to the CLF, or it was on Tuesday that SFMTA spokesperson Paul Rose said that the agency was intending to send such a letter.

“It is no surprise that Jon Ossoff’s favorite city is rushing to his defense to hide his connections to Nancy Pelosi and Bay Area liberals,” says Courtney Alexander, spokesperson for the CLF, trying to spin this in their political favor. "We welcome the extra attention on our ad and Jon Ossoff’s liberal record."

The original ad, titled "Thank you, Georgia," was shot on location in San Francisco and it remains live on YouTube. The new ad, with the Golden Gate Bridge, has apparently been airing on local TV in Georgia's Sixth District, however it is not yet on YouTube. The CLF has, so far, released at least 10 different ads attacking Ossoff and portraying him as in bed, politically, with Pelosi. The group, which has close ties to House Speaker Paul Ryan, has reportedly spent $6.5 million on this congressional race alone.

In case you missed it or just want to scream-laugh again, here's the original ad once more.

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