"The Frisc is a new site. We share voices and tell stories about our city in flux," says the intro copy for a new local content site on Medium. Founded by Anthony Lazarus (formerly of the Wall Street Journal and MarketWatch) and San Franciscan editor of Xconomy Alex Lash, The Frisc is called "The Frisc," which so far is our only nit-picky problem with it.


It's not the Frisc/frisk play-on-words that makes us uncomfortable so much as the fact that Frisc feels on par with the oft-maligned use of "Frisco." The Frisc does admittedly have a fabulous logo. Jeremy LaCroix is listed as the site's art director so presumably he deserves credit for that rad design.

As for content, The Frisc seems exclusively focused on the "dramatic changes, as enveloping as the fog itself" which beleaguers many a local. Current articles include detailed looks into racial bias at Lowell High School, and Zeitgeist's demand for sunshine (something we've discussed on SFist previously as well, but I digress).

On an informative page called, "What the Frisc?" the journalists explain, "There are other venues and forums for San Francisco discussions, but they're dedicated to the usual news, box scores, and neighborhood minutiae, often cluttered with distracting clickbait. That's not us."

Presumably, this burn is directed at everyone BUT SFist. Welcome to the mix, The Frisc! We want a water bottle featuring your cool logo.

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