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I grow and tend to a large number of succulents, a pasttime that's spurred a lot of people to ask me how to best care for the plants. "Don't overwater" I always say, as I have seen people kill their potted succulents with liquid kindness again and again. For overwatering will make your succulents' roots rot, which will kill them.

First, they will start to stink (that's the rot), and then they will die, which makes the whole situation even less pleasant. But even worse than overwatering, I suspect, is vomit. With a low concentration of acid, vomit isn't as corrosive as, say, xenomorph blood. But, still, barf is not an ideal fertilizer for any plant life — and it's way harder to clean up in a flower bed than from, say, the gutter.

In other news, Bay to Breakers is this Sunday, so plant tenders on the west side of town might want to copy this person's sign...and maybe add something about peeing, too.