There is currently the most expensive House election EVER going down in Georgia's 6th District between right-wing Republican Karen Handel and Democrat Jon Ossoff. Both Handel and Ossoff want the United States House of Representatives spot formerly held by Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price. This special (off-season) election is a very big deal because the Republicans really, really want to stick it to the Democrats and the Democrats really, really want to stick it to Trump.

Plus, it's a special election so it keeps the post-Presidential race drama alive for another half year and Americans get to keep acting like our lives are just one big Super Bowl and all we have to do is pick teams.

Naturally, Democrats from all over the place — including San Francisco — are sending Ossoff big bucks. This has ticked off the Republicans who are getting money from all over the place too but who cares when you can make fun of snowflake San Franciscans. Behold this awful television commercial, paid for by a political action committee, that is now running in the District 6 homes of suburban Atlanta:

I'll wait while you finish your dramatic eyeroll. Done? Okay. Here's why this commercial sucks:

Republican marketing strategists are not good at satire or sarcasm. They should just stick to openly hating women.

Why is young Willie Nelson offering political thoughts under the Fisherman's Wharf sign, like that's where all the beatniks hang out? Was Crazy Shirt too crowded?

Why not just go for it and hire a person wearing a "Hippie Costume - Adult" from the Spirit Superstore downing a sundae at Ghirardelli Square during an earthquake?

Has anyone explained to the actors in this ad they they are ultimately speaking in support of a female candidate who doesn't want women to get free breast exams?

"ISIS? Pft. They're over-rated." = San Franciscans in ridiculous hats.

Do these actors even live here? And what did shooting this thing on location in SF even cost?

This ad was paid for by the Congressional Leadership Fund super PAC, which, I'll point out, is not based in Georgia's 6th District. The Handel vs. Ossoff election takes place June 20.