The San Francisco Police Department's new chief, Bill Scott, will face his first use-of-force town hall meeting Wednesday morning, as the SFPD has announced the meeting to provide updates on last week's fatal police shooting of 26-year-old Nicholas Flusche.

Flusche, who had reportedly moved to SF fairly recently to start a fitness company, was witnessed arguing with an employee at the Subway restaurant at 11:22 a.m. last Wednesday after Flusche allegedly refused to pay for his meal.

Flusche was witnessed attacking the Subway employee and stabbing him. Mid-confrontation, two SFPD officers who were on foot patrol happened upon the altercation. One of the officers, Kenneth Cha (the same officer behind SFPD's controversial shooting of an unarmed civilian in January), fired at Flusche and killed him.

Other than some shocked statements from Flusche's friends and family, that's all we know. But the SFPD is promising more details in a town hall on the shooting scheduled for today at 11:30 a.m.

"Why at 11:30, and not at night?" you might be asking — a reasonable question, since demonstrations at SFPD town halls so displeased then-acting-chief Toney Chaplin that he, through a spokesperson, declared them "unproductive and disruptive" and briefly suspended the practice last May, resuming them following the October shooting of Nicholas McWherter near Stern Grove. However, in a conversation with SFist last April, then-SFPD spokesperson Officer Albie Esparza said that town halls are scheduled "at or around the time of the incident, because that's when the people near or who witnessed [the shooting] are most likely to be able to attend."

"I've been a [Public Information Officer] for six years, and I've gone to all of these" Esparza said in 2016. "We've always had the meeting near the [hour] of the incident."

According to the SF Examiner, "it remains to be seen how the new chief will handle the unfolding details of the case, which some police watchdogs say will be a telling comparison between Scott and his predecessor, former Chief Greg Suhr, when it comes to accountability and transparency."

Wednesday's meeting, should you be free to attend, will be held at 969 Market Street on the first floor.

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