Details of a second arrest that was made Friday, relating to that April 22 swarm robbery at Coliseum BART, came out late Monday, following on reports of a first arrest and multiple warrants that have been issued. BART officials described the arrest in a news update, explaining it was made by Oakland police officers after another officer witnessed a robbery in progress around 4:50 p.m on the 6200 block of Camden Street. One of the juveniles involved, who was allegedly committing the crime with two others, was recognized from the April 22 incident. The trio were in a vehicle and averted a traffic stop by uniformed officers, blew through an intersection, and ultimately collided with another vehicle in the area of Hegenberger Road and Interstate 880. All three suspects tried to flee but were taken into police custody.

Acting BART Police Chief Jeff Jennings said in a statement, "The fact this juvenile was out committing a robbery in another jurisdiction with other minors just days following the BART incident is testament of the need for agencies to work together collaboratively to solve regional issues and share resources and intelligence data." He thanked the Oakland police for their assistance and said he wanted to convene a regional task force to develop a plan to tackle the rise in juvenile crime. "I [also] want to thank my detectives for their quick work identifying these suspects and working with the victims to get the warrants in the system," Jennings said.

None of the suspects has been identified because they are minors.

The first arrest occurred just after noon Friday, and other warrants have been filed as well — but the Chronicle reports that the first boy arrested has already been released without charges. As CBS 5 reports, more warrants are pending this week, and as was suggested earlier, BART Police say they already recognized some of the suspects from previous incidents.

On Monday we also learned that overall crime on BART has spiked 45 percent, year over year, for the first three months of 2017, and robberies, many committed by groups of teens typically smaller than the one on April 22, have spiked 22 percent.

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