Dave Chappelle and John Mayer, entertainers and friends both known to be occasionally offensive, present a surprise set of two performances this weekend: "Chappelle & John Mayer: Controlled Danger," as Live Nation revealed in a listing today. Tickets go on sale for the 9 p.m. performances at the Fillmore starting at 10 a.m. tomorrow.

According to another listing on Live Nation, Chappelle is also performing tonight at the Punch Line comedy club. Tickets aren't listed as available to that, likely because they're sold out already.

The Fillmore program is advertised as a "comedy and music hybrid." As the Chronicle points out, the two have been known to collaborate in the past, such as on a Chappelle's show segment.

According to the Fillmore show listing, it's a strict no cell phones show, like many of Chappelle's recent engagements have been. Aside from giving offense, Chappelle and Mayer have been known to take offense, and presumably have requested the policy themselves. At least no one will be holding their phone over their head right in front of you, then.