It's an only-in-Silicon Valley story that has NBC Bay Area making "Rage Against the Machine" dad jokes: Knightscope, the maker of a line of rolling security robots, apparently trusts its own product enough to use its K5 robots to patrol its own Mountain View offices. But one 300-pound, 5-foot robot was no match for a reportedly intoxicated 41-year-old man named Jason Sylvain.

Sylvain reportedly knocked down the K5, which sounded the alarm, seeking human assistance. "When we arrived, we met with Sylvain, and as we were speaking with him, he appeared confused, had red, glassy eyes and a strong odor of alcohol emitted from him," a company spokesperson told NBC Bay Area. Sylvain was arrested for prowling and also being drunk in public.

CNet also had the story, and added that Sylvain "claimed to be an engineer that wanted to 'test' the security robots," according to a spokesperson. "I guess he now has his answer."

"He tried to get away, but we detained him and then we got Mountain View police on the phone," the spokesperson said. "The bad guy learned the robot does security. It did what it was designed to do." Wait, is this a sales pitch?

You might be familiar with Knightscope by now: We learned last summer that the company's security robots were in Uber's employ here in San Francisco, its roving eggs patrolling a local driver-inspection lot. Or you might remember that one Knightscope robot knocked over a toddler and then ran the kid over at Stanford Shopping Center. Now, it seems, we know what happens when the K5 picks on someone closer to its own size.

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