An amazing pooch by the name of Yoda managed to swim ashore and survive following a boating accident at the mouth of Tomales Bay on Monday that claimed the life of her human caretaker. The dog, believed by the man's family to have drowned along with him, was found, cold but uninjured, hunkered beneath a rock outcropping on a rocky beach north of Dillon Beach in Marin County by two firefighters Thursday morning, as CBS 5 reports. The Marin County Fire Department tweeted photos of Yoda, post-rescue, and of her reunion with the family of 47-year-old Brian Phidat Ho of San Jose, whose funeral was today.

Ho was out fishing Monday with a partner and two dogs when they encountered rough surf at the mouth of Tomales Bay that caused their 13-foot Boston Whaler to capsize. Ho's fishing partner and the other dog survived and were picked up by Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office personnel shortly after the accident.

But it wasn't until the two fire battalion chiefs, Chris Martinelli and Graham Groneman, were out on a boat this morning and spotted Ho's female yellow lab, Yoda, on a rocky beach. The dog was "was wet and shivering after a few days out in the elements," they said, but they brought her into the fire station and warmed him up, and fed her.

One of Ho's relatives said that Ho adopted Yoda from a shelter a year and a half ago, and she was previously abused, so often will have her tail between her legs when she greets someone new.

Below, the rest of the pictures, and a video of the reunion with Ho's family.