The future of the Dogpatch/Potrero HIll Caltrain stop at 22nd Street is not assured, and according to Socketsite's speculation, "the odds of the existing Caltrain Station at 22nd Street surviving appear to be on the decline."

Discussion among a Citizens Working Group for the Railyard Alternatives project, a body created to assist the Planning Department, was mixed, with some members suggesting that the station “could also be eliminated, which would likely result in significant cost savings.”

Per Planning, the working group "is comprised of citizen stakeholders who represent the broad interests of the communities surrounding the Caltrain right-of-way, the Caltrain railyard, the Transbay Terminal Center (TTC) and the I-280 right-of-way." More on the makeup of the group is here.

Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 4.49.06 PM.png

There's also the possibility of shifting the 22nd Street Station to a nearby location, indicated in one question put to the working group. If that comes to pass, the group expressed a strong preference for tunneled tracks rather than trenched or street-level crossings, but you know, of course. Socketsite points out that there's lots of vetting ahead, and everything is fairly preliminary. The train, so to speak, hasn't left the station.

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via Planning