Oops! #Tesla hitting a cable car in San Francisco

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What is the deal with cable cars and Teslas? Are they natural enemies or something? I ask because in the last couple months, there have been at least two confrontations between these divergent representatives of San Francisco transit...and in both cases, the cable car appeared to emerge the victor.

You might recall one such incident, which reportedly took place on a December, 2016 evening on Powell between Pine and Bush Streets when a cable car struck a Model X that appeared to be perpendicular to the tracks. Fast forward to Thursday, and the nightmare repeats itself.

According to a tweet from the San Francisco Fire Department, the wreck occurred just blocks from the earlier one, at Sutter and Powell Streets at 4:55 p.m. Thursday. Here's the result:

The SFFD tweets that no one was injured in the collision, and all occupants were successfully extracted from the vehicle. The Chron reports that "there was no damage to the cable car," and that "It wasn’t immediately clear who was at fault, the gripman of the iconic cable car or the driver of state-of-the-art electric Tesla." Or perhaps the fault lies in a longstanding feud between the vehicles, a dispute in which the passengers of San Francisco are mere by-standing pawns, oblivious to the internecine battle being fought beneath their noses.

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