We've already talked about Coco, Disney-Pixar's latest animated feature about a 12-year-old, guitar-playing Mexican boy named Miguel who dreams of becoming a musician and, via a magical guitar and a set of supernatural circumstances ends up (pet dog in tow) in the Land of the Dead.

And sure, the trailer was enjoyable and all that, but it lacked one key element: not enough dog. Perhaps realizing that, the company just released a companion short featuring the pup, "Dante’s Lunch - A Short Tail." (Yeah, you got it, smarty. They go to the underworld, the dog's named Dante, good work on remembering freshman comp.)

Dead people and a bone loving dog? What could possibly go wrong?

As the guardian of a near-hairless dog myself, I can attest to this short's rigorous accuracy, excepting the pup's perfect teeth (most hairless dogs are plagued by horrific dental problems). According to Disney-Pixar, the film will drop on November 22 of this year. That seems like plenty of time to replace all the other human characters in the film with dogs, which would be my preference for almost every movie, except the ones where characters are hurt or die.

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