A very odd news item out of Sebastopol: A woman who thought that she could operate a mobile petting zoo in an old school bus, complete with two cows, a goat, and three dogs, caused some concern around town, leading to another woman assaulting her and sending her to the hospital.

CBS 5 reports via Sebastopol Police Services that multiple people called in to report the strange operation, with the bus parked on Morris Street in Sebastopol, and the woman was not aware that there was a law banning such a venture.

In a Facebook post, police say "The owner of the menagerie had a well-intentioned, but perhaps misguided plan to turn the ex-school bus into an educational petting zoo on wheels," and "It was clear the owner had bitten off more than she could chew, so to speak, in her new venture."

But somewhere in the midst of negotiating what was going to happen with the livestock, which she was not allowed to keep within the city limits, a female suspect and a second person attacked the woman, sending her to the hospital with minor injuries. The two assailants were both arrested.

The injuries were minor, and Sebastopol police say via Facebook, "It's unfortunate that some felt they needed to resort to violence against the owner, who was perhaps misguided, but meant the animals no harm and treated them well."

For now, the cows and goat have been moved to a pasture near Cloverdale, and it's unclear if the dogs remain in their owner's care. As NBC Bay Area notes, the animals still need a permanent home.