If you see something that looks more like art, or like the hand-painted poster above, in a spot that would usually be home to home to an advertisement somewhere around the city, this is not an isolated incident. March 22 to 25 has been declared an international period of resistance against advertising and consumerism with the hashtag #SubvertTheCity. Examples are popping up on social media in multiple cities, and feel free to add any others you may see in the comments.

As the blog Public Ad Campaign explains, this is the work of "a huge group of activists and artists around the world," and "a transnational partnership called the Subvertisers International."

According to organizer Jordan Seiler:

Commercial advertising invades our public spaces and all forms of media in order to influence our behaviours and serve corporate interests... #SubvertTheCity will challenge corporate advertising all over the world in order to imagine and rebuild the cities and societies we want to live in so that we can meet our shared human needs, and those of the planet.

Some more examples, culled from Twitter, below.