Sadly, the story from ten days ago about the two people who were recently sickened after drinking tea purchased from a Chinatown herbalist has taken a tragic turn. One of those who were hospitalized, 56-year-old Yu-Ping Xie, died on Saturday according to The Examiner and the Chronicle's Evan Sernoffsky, via Twitter.

As the Examiner reports, San Francisco health officials delivered the news Monday, and it appears that there are still only two victims in the case, which originated with a tea sold by Sun Wing Wo Trading Co., an herbalist at 1105 Grant Avenue. The second victim is said to be a man in his 30s who remains hospitalized after developing weakness and a life-threatening abnormal heart rhythm.

The culprit was a plant-based toxin called Aconite or Aconitum, a.k.a. monkshood, wolf's bane, devil's helmet, or blue rocket. As explains, Aconite has been used both as a homeopathic medicine and a poison for centuries, with its medicinal use as an extract for reducing fever, treating pneumonia and croup, and for its sedative powers.

The health department said in a statement, "The two patients each purchased different blends of medicinal teas that were put together for them at the shop. The teas had several ingredients, and the ingredients that were common to both tea mixtures are currently being tested."

The teas were purchased and consumed in separate incidents in February and early March.

As city health officer Dr. Tomás Aragón said the other week, "Anyone who has purchased tea from this location should not consume it and should throw it away immediately."

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