Enjoy the next day or so of warm weather and clear skies, everybody: Starting next week, three separate weather systems are expected to dump rain on the Bay Area, with a severity that's as yet unknown.

According to the Ex, the first system is expected to arrive Saturday and Sunday, "bringing little rainfall and 'minimal' impacts." Forecasters at CBS 5 concur, saying that the light storm will drop "upwards of a tenth of an inch of rain in the North Bay and lesser amounts in other parts of the Bay Area."

According to the National Weather Service, as minor as that storm is, it “will open the storm door for the upcoming week,” the Ex reports.

The second storm should arrive by Monday night and into Tuesday, the Chron reports, "but it’s still too early to tell when the rain will begin and what areas will get the most precipitation."

That storm might be followed by a third, stronger one with "moderate to heavy rain," CBS 5 reports, hitting the area some time between Thursday to Saturday. We should know more about that one, including if it's happening at all, later in the week.

If all of this sounds highly speculative, you're right — but with sliding ground that's still saturated from previous storms and an overflowing reservoir that recently flooded areas of San Jose, officials are on the alert at the threat of even a drop of rain.

Steve Anderson, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service who spoke with the Chron, gets it, saying that “If the heavy rain pans out, we could see more mudslides around the area." Well, then, Steve, what do we do? “Stay abreast to the current forecast is my best advice.”

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