The Trump Administration had until this week to file an opening brief in their official appeal of the case brought by the states of Washington and Minnesota in his temporary ban on immigration from seven Muslim-majority countries. And after the Department of Justice requested that the Ninth Circuit delay their appeal until the President could sign a new executive order, the circuit court denied that request but gave the administration another week to file their brief, as the Associated Press is reporting.

After a three-judge panel at the court flatly denied the administration's request earlier this month for an emergency stay of the states' restraining order on the travel ban, Trump's tweeted words were "SEE YOU IN COURT," but so far it's looking like his team is instead opting to draft a revised executive order that they hope will pass legal muster this time. The other option would have been to immediately appeal the court's denial to the Supreme Court, which if they're smart they knew they would likely lose.

NBC Bay Area says the administration's new order is expected to be released "any day," but meanwhile SF's tourism industry is on edge after a new report from travel search site that shows San Francisco having the biggest drop in searches for flights from foreign travelers of any US city.

Joe D’Alessandro, president of the San Francisco Travel Association, told the Chronicle over the weekend, with regard to the report, “We are very concerned. You just don’t know what the next policy announcement will be and how that will impact travel to the U.S."

And they point to this piece in the Toronto Star by a Pakistani-born woman who's a Canadian citizen who canceled her trip to California this year because she fears travel hassles because of her brown skin and hijab alone.