One of San Francisco's most infamous convicted criminals will be back on the streets in a few weeks, after his latest conviction in yet another bizarre entry in his ever-growing rap sheet.

You likely know the tale of David Munoz Diaz, the man who in 2011 was convicted of involuntary manslaughter, arson, mutilating human remains, and destroying evidence after fatally choking a man during a sexual encounter at Buena Vista Park, then burning his body in an area recycling bin. (You can read all about the case here.)

Diaz was sentenced to four years and eight months in state prison, but as he'd remained in San Francisco County Jail since his arrest in 2011 and had demonstrated good behavior, he was released from custody in September, 2014. But four months later, he was back in the news again, after police say that he was recognized from video evidence in an arson fire near his home on 18th Street near Noe Street, at the site of the Up Hair salon, which is located directly above The Mix, a Castro bar owned by Diaz's "longtime partner" Larry Metzger. (For coverage of that case, go here.)

Diaz, who had once again remained in SF County Jail since his arrest, was initially charged with felony counts of arson of an inhabited structure, arson of property, and possession of an incendiary device. He took a plea deal on September 26, 2016, and was released on a year of mandatory supervision and was required to register as an arsonist for life, wear an ankle monitor for at least the first six months of his supervision, and receive counseling.

But two months later, he was arrested yet again — this time on suspicion of assault with force likely to commit great bodily injury, unlawful use of a badge, false imprisonment, mayhem, and battery with serious bodily injury.

According to the Bay Area Reporter, Diaz allegedly handcuffed a man, then "bit a chunk out of" his victim's scalp "while impersonating a police officer." But Thursday, he was the recipient of yet another plea deal, as he pled guilty to a single count of felony false imprisonment, the BAR reports.

Speaking to the BAR outside the courtroom, "Deputy Public Defender Rebecca Young said that Diaz’s alleged victim had actually been the first to strike during the incident, and Diaz had a 'very, very strong self-defense' case."

At the time of his most recent arrest, Diaz was in San Francisco General Hospital for treatment from injuries sustained during the altercation. At the time, Metzger said Diaz had been “hit with a pipe." “He looked pretty bad" and "had stitches on his forehead,” Metzger said at the time, saying that police had ushered him out of Diaz's hospital room before he could get more information on the altercation.

Again a guest of SF County Jail since his arrest in the November incident, Diaz is scheduled to be freed as of March 16, where he is expected to be sentenced with "up to five years of probation," conditions of which, the BAR reports, "include a midnight curfew and up to a year of wearing an ankle monitor."

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