A Mission District mural depicting the matriarch and patriarch of Bob's Burgers, Bob and Linda Belcher, created last year by show illustrator and local muralist Sirron Norris, is gone.

The artwork, on a roll-up door at Rhea's Cafe on the corner of 20th and Bryant Streets, was painted over "very reluctantly" yesterday by a group of three assigned to the task. "I wish the building owner could know how unhappy the neighborhood is about this," said a tipster to SFist, a neighborhood resident who wished to remain anonymous. "Or at least, I know I am," the tipster added. The group of painters erasing the mural included Rhea's owner, relaying to the tipster that they were painting over it at the behest of the building owner.

Norris painted the mural on in November — his idea to commemorate the San Francisco connection to the cartoon family comedy with a heart of gold and (and a silver tongue).

“The show's creator, Loren [Bouchard], lived on 20th,” Norris told Hoodline last year “The house he used to live in, which is the model for the [Belchers'] restaurant, is also on 20th. [Character designer] Jay Howell worked at Atlas Cafe, and I lived at Bryant and 20th. That corner has a connection to the show.”

Norris' illustrations are all over town — one of his recent works of whimsy figured a buddha, a rabbi, and a black power activist on a cable car. SFist has reached out to him for comment.

Update: Norris's response to SFist: "Apparently they are worried about copyright issues. The owner is not a fan."

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