You know what would brighten up the Twitter landscape and provide a distraction from the eggs and trolls? Photos of the current view from Twin Peaks. Now, to get those in real time, all you have to do is mention @TwinPeaksBot, and lo, the image shall appear. Watch:

You can also tweet @TwinPeaksBot and say "sunrise" or "sunset" or "yesterday" and receive time-lapse images.

The source behind the account is anonymous save for a link to an Instagram page, but the person explained on Reddit that the images for Twin Peaks Bot come from a camera set up with raspberry pi, a credit-card sized, easily programed computer. That camera is actually set up in the creator's old apartment, where former roommates still live. Don't worry, they know it's there.

Is it just me, or could Twitter could use more pleasant, useful accounts like this one?

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