The mystery of the deaths of two people and their two cats in a Berkeley home last week has been preliminarily solved, and the cause appears to have indeed been carbon monoxide poisoning — this despite an early report that a carbon monoxide leak in their apartment complex had been ruled out.

The couple, 35-year-old Roger Morash and 32-year-old Valerie Morash, were both MIT grads and living in a fourplex on the 3000 block of Deakin Street in Berkeley, and a friend tells Berkeleyside that they kept both a small 3D printer in their home, and a commercially produced laser cutter that was used in the home. The friend stated that he himself had been sickened by fumes from the laser cutter in the home, and that it "required ventilation."

CBS 5 separately reported that the carbon monoxide came from a "laser 3D printer", a report which was then picked up by the UK's Daily Mail, and they cited an earlier warning via the Chicago Tribune about the use of 3D printers in the home.

But another friend of the Morashes tells Berkeleyside there was no such device in the home as a "laser 3D printer," and the culprit was more likely the laser cutter, though he says there was no indication it was in use at the time of their deaths last Sunday, and he cautions jumping to conclusions "until official results come out." This friend, Allen Rabinovich, tells Berkeleyside, "Whether we know tonight or a week from now won’t change the fact that two amazing human beings have passed far too soon. Our focus right now is on preserving and magnifying their legacy."

Per CBS 5, "Roger was a game developer working on an adventure game called Shard. Valerie was a postdoctoral research fellow at the Smith-Kettlewell Eye Research Institute in San Francisco."

A memorial service for the couple was held on Friday.

Below, a memorial slideshow compiled by Rabinovich.

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