Major amounts of large debris, including whole tree trunks, have washed down from rivers and other waterways in recent storms into San Francisco and San Pablo Bays, creating potential hazards for boats. CBS 5 reports that "specialized boats equipped with cranes that are trying to keep the shipping lanes clear of debris," but that didn't save the propellers of one commuter ferry.

Kixon Meyer, a boat captain for the Army Corps of Engineers, shows the station one tree that was retrieved from the water with clear boat propeller marks on it. But that might not be the same tree that got in the path of one Golden Gate Ferry boat over the weekend. That boat is in dry dock getting repaired now, according to the service's general manager.

Amusingly, Meyer says they find all kinds of debris after storms like we just had, including, once, a jacuzzi, and fairly often, whole refrigerators — but where they coming from!?! "We get a lot refrigerators,” he tells CBS 5. “Most of them still have food in them!”

Elsewhere around the Bay, the storms washed out whole sections of roads in the Santa Cruz Mountains, and major land- and rock slides along Highway 1 in Big Sur has shut down the highway for as long as three weeks, with a lot of very big rocks that need to be hauled away.

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