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As much of liberal America was participating in women's marches on Saturday to protest Trump's inauguration, professional prankster Zach Fernandez was preparing his second big prank at an iconic California spot this month. TMZ reports, via Fernandez's Instagram and his own admission, that he managed to get onto a walkway below the roadway of the Golden Gate Bridge to install a banner saying "IMPEACH" on the side of the Golden Gate Bridge on Saturday night.

He managed to snap the daylight shot of it above before it was removed on Sunday morning, and as CBS 5 in the Bay Area reports, CHP is investigating the matter.

Here's a photo of him, perhaps with accomplices, preparing to do the deed:

Building bridges.

A photo posted by Zach Fernandez (@jesushands) on

There is also a photo of him with two friends here, sent to TMZ, showing the unfurled banner in the sculpture courtyard at SFMOMA, before it was brought to the bridge.

Fernandez was cited on trespassing charges after his New Year's prank in the Hollywood hills, altering the Hollywood scene using several tarps to read "Hollyweed." As LAist reported, he's scheduled to appear in court on February 15.

And that prank, it turned out, wasn't even an original one. Cal State Northridge art student altered the sign to read "Hollyweed" back on New Year's Day in 1976, as shown below.

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