There's no doubt in my mind that driving for a food delivery service is a challenging profession — finding parking near popular dining venues, successfully retrieving the ordered meals, crossing the city in a swift fashion, then finding the orderer's residence sounds so exhausting that I might need to Postmate some coffee and pastries to energize myself. But when such a delivery driver flagrantly violates two (three, if you want to get technical) laws, then responds to a police officer aggressively, you might expect the book to be thrown...and I don't mean the kind that contains menus. But not the driver depicted in the video below, who was released with just a warning after a series of flagrant street fouls.

KRON 4's resident shoulder angel Stanley Roberts was on the prowl with the California Highway Patrol's Officer Williams when the saga began — a driver Roberts says works for Uber Eats parked her vehicle in a traffic lane on Market Street, perhaps prevented from just dumping her car in the bike lane by the poles erected to disable such behavior. When Williams spotted the violation, he ducked into an area corner store to seek the errant parker, who then hopped back into her vehicle and took off, ignoring Williams' and Roberts' cries for her to stop.

Following the most sedate chase down Market ever, the driver eventually pulls over into the bike lane, as Williams tells the cyclists attempting to use the street to ride around the vehicle. When approached, the driver responds angrily, saying her civil rights are being violated by Roberts' camera.

As a passerby walking his dog joins in the shouting, making remarks that suggest that he is suffering from a possible mental malady, Williams appears to decide that the conflict is too much for him to bear, and he lets her off with a warning — exactly the deterrent one needs to vow never to block Market Street again.

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