Friday night's planned appearance by Milo Yiannopoulos at UC Davis — with, just for the hell of it, despicable sidekick Martin Shkreli in tow — was canceled amid a loud and predictable protest, and campus Republicans say it was out of fear for the safety of Yiannopoulos fans who planned to attend. But for some reason Shkreli, who is apparently a glutton for anger directed towards himself, went out to work the crowd amid the protest, and in addition to getting shoved around a little, he got pelted in the face with feces.

The video from Twitter posted above purports to show the moment Shkreli was hit with shit, just as a protester is calling him "a piece of shit."

Conservative supporters of Yiannopoulos, and in particular one man wearing a red "Make America Great Again" cap, were heckled and jostled by protesters, and Frances Wang of Sacramento's ABC 10 reports that many of the protesters were not UC Davis students, but most of them were protesting peacefully. The university confirmed that one arrest was made during the protest.

An editorial in the school newspaper Friday morning read, "Make no mistake: Yiannopoulos is a hateful spectacle, not a conservative political theorist ... we support any members of the community who decide to exercise their freedom of assembly and peacefully protest the event."

More strangely, Shkreli can be heard talking to reporters in the clip below about how he planned to take Yiannopoulos to task over his anachronistic views on feminism. Shkreli brags about having read "Stein, Woolf, Wollstonecraft, etcetera" because he went to college, and this apparently makes him an expert on feminism. Also, he tries, and fails, to explain why he was a part of this event at all.

Yiannopoulos was nowhere to be seen amid the confusion outside the lecture hall, but he was posting to Instagram about going for a drink at the Hyatt in Sacramento. Further, he says there will be a replacement appearance of some kind Saturday at 1 p.m. in the UC Davis quad.

come join us at 1pm in the quad at UC Davis

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beer me

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This is just Yiannopoulos's latest stop on his "Dangerous Faggot Tour," in which he's been rankling liberals and exciting self-styled conservative free speech advocates at college campuses across the country. An appearance last May at DePaul University led to several activists storming the stage and shutting down the event, and may have contributed to the subsequent resignation of the university's president. Other stops on Yiannopoulos's tour at liberal universities like Yale have been canceled or "postponed indefinitely", something that feeds directly into the provocateur's narrative about censorship and the silencing of opinions that are not considered politically correct.

Many consider Yiannopoulos simply a hatemonger, though, and he's capitalized on his position as an openly gay man with conservative views to gain a broad fanbase on the alt-right, largely because he tries to inject humor and his own flamboyance into debates about immigration, Muslims, etc. His jokes about actress and comedian Leslie Jones, however, in his Twitter critiques of the all-female Ghostbusters remake, ended up getting him banned from Twitter last summer after Jones complained about the racist hate mob his tweets inspired.

He inserted himself into the national tragedy that occurred at Pulse nightclub last June by showing up in Orlando in the days following the mass shooting and giving his own press conference denigrating those on the political left for embracing Muslims over the LGBT community.

Yiannopoulos still has another Bay Area appearance scheduled at UC Berkeley on February 1, and though there was some suggestion this week that college Republicans could not foot the bill for the necessary added security for the event ($6,372), which they called "excessive," the group now tells the Chronicle that the event will go on

I'll update you if anything happens with this afternoon appearance at UC Davis.

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