Much like this idiot seeking some Insta fame by risking his life on cliff edges in Yosemite, people keep ending up needing to be rescued on and around the cliffs by Sutro Baths and the Cliff House, and this madness has to stop. While SFist can't confirm how or why two people needed rescue there on Thursday in separate, unrelated incidents, earlier similar incidents suggest that social media photography could have played a role.

As the Chronicle reports, a woman fell from the cliffs above the caves next to the Cliff House and had to be rescued just after 5 p.m. And less than an hour later (!) an 18-year-old man had to be rescued from inside one of the caves where he had become trapped by the tide after entering the cave of his own volition.

CBS 5 has it, via SFFD spokesperson Jonathan Baxter, that the rescue effort for the young man was already underway when firefighters learned of the woman who fell, apparently while walking near a cliff's edge nearby.

These rescues follow on multiple such incidents in 2016 in the same vicinity, one of which, last July 31, resulted in the death of a man who was hiking off-trail, and fell from a cliff. Earlier that same month, another man required rescue after he fell from a nearby cliff into a cave by Sutro Baths, and a third man nearly drowned one year ago after walking out onto a rock near the Cliff House to take a selfie and getting knocked into the water by a wave.

It isn't all fun and Snaps out there, kids! For real. Stop going near cliff's edges, and stop crawling into these caves for kicks. You're wasting our tax dollars and our Fire Department's time on your stupidity.

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