God is good

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Nine months after he was released from prison on weapons charges — having gained international fame while behind bars for his extraordinarily hot mugshot — sexy felon Jeremy Meeks is living big somewhere in California, possibly near LA, in a large (rented?) house with his wife and three kids, and driving a slick (leased?) Maserati.

Meeks first posted the shirtless photo above, in front of the house, back in late September, but it wasn't until he posted another photo to Instagram of himself in front of the house with the Maserati, along with another below with his two boys in what appears to be a pretty dope kitchen with marble countertops, that the media stood up to take notice.

Also, Meeks has been regularly posting what appear to be modeling shots, and we already knew he had a modeling contract, so it wasn't immediately apparent if you were following him on Instagram (ahem) that this was actually his house and his Maserati.

Good to be home

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Meeks disappointed the world's straight women and gay men when it was revealed after his 2014 arrest in Stockton that he was, in fact, married. Later, he was indicted by a grand jury on possession of a semiautomatic .45 caliber pistol that was transported across state borders in the commission of grand theft, and the seven felony charges he was arrested on, one of them was "street terrorism," though Meeks claimed he had forsaken all gang affiliations in years past.

Journalists have not gotten confirmation about Meeks's newfound wealth, or if he's even paying for this house himself, but they note that he posted a pic of himself with his wife celebrating their eighth anniversary at a winery just last week.

Also, he posted a family photo on Christmas, in front of a tree, with the hashtags "#blessed" and "#godisgood". Do not underestimate the power of a pretty face, his Insta implies.

Happy New Year, indeed.


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Hot Convict Jeremy Meeks Walked Out Of Prison Today, Will Presumably Begin Modeling