The new year is starting off wet, with morning rain expected to increase throughout the day and turn to hard showers this afternoon. Those hoping for things to let up in time for their commute home are out of luck, as KRON 4 reports that the heavy rain and wind will continue through the evening.

The precipitation is not limited to San Francisco, and parts of the Bay Area are actually seeing snow. Santa Clara County's Mount Hamilton had snow accumulate last night, as ABC 7 and NBC Bay Area reported, and Caltrans responded by closing the summit road.

That didn't stop excited locals from heading up there anyway to throw snowballs, and one employee at Lick Observatory shared his take on the unexpected winter wonderland. "Ya, I'm stoked on it," Matt Brooks told ABC 7. "Very excited."

Those in San Francisco don't have snow angels in their immediate future, and instead should bust out the galoshes and umbrellas. According to the Chronicle, one inch of rain is expected to fall starting around 4:00 p.m. today, and further showers will continue throughout the week.

However, those fearing another Rainpocalypse can breathe easy. The storm won't be "world-ending," National Weather Service forecaster Bob Benjamin told the paper. Which, yeah, that's good to know.

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