December is almost over, which means it's that time of year when everyone's favorite brands drop some variation of the 2016 "top ten" list. Not wanting to be left out of the fun, San Francisco-based Lyft has for the second year in a row published a breakdown of the most visited destinations in San Francisco. With a focus on bars and restaurants, the data provides insight into the places San Franciscans most frequently asked to be whisked to and from — and, with 2015 data to compare to, which locations are no longer number 1.

Mission-based purveyor of fancy tacos, Tacolicious, secured the title of "most visited restaurant" for the second year in a row, while Southern Pacific Brewing dethroned Zeitgeist for the honor of "most visited bar." Interestingly, Uber crunched similar data in September and found that Southern Pacific Brewing was the most popular restaurant for its local riders — giving the Mission District gastropub a rare 1st place finish in two categories.

“Hipsters and Marina Girls reign supreme in this year’s Lyftie winners,” the company said in a statement picked up by the Examiner — possibly clarifying the demographic of riders visiting the aforementioned winners.

Fort Mason Center was named "most visited event venue," and the 4th Street Caltrain stop was the "most visited transit stop" — suggesting a lot of people commuting to and from the South Bay. Speaking of which, Lyft compiled similar information about Silicon Valley and highlighted Facebook HQ as a top visited destination.

Interestingly, SFO was called out for its national prominence when it comes to Lyft rides. "Rides to the runway were the most popular category nationwide," the company tells us. "San Francisco especially loves using Lyft before taking off: SFO was the most popular airport destination in 2016." That the BART SFO line has seen a dramatic drop in ridership over the past year provides us with a peek at the other side of that ride-hail coin.

The San Francisco Airbnb offices last year took the title of most visited workplace, but Lyft opted out of including that category this year. Perhaps the company's marketing team didn't feel like highlighting an association with a litigious local startup? Regardless, we anxiously await next year's data reflecting self-driving Lyft's shuttling us all to recreational weed dispensaries.

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