Like many wealthy Peninsula suburbs, Hillsborough, known for its giant homes and manicured lawns, has its fair share of wildlife, from squirrels to coyotes — providing a little taste of nature in a place otherwise claimed by man as his own domain. And yet, as a video posted to Facebook shows, a particularly brutal hint of the wild remains. The video, embedded below, depicts a mountain lion on a Hillsborough home's front porch as it drags away a recently killed deer by the throat.

"I didn't have my glasses on so when I looked through the peephole I thought it was a coyote," homeowner Mary Mines told ABC 7. "And I turned to Peter and I said, 'There's a coyote on our front porch,' because we have a lot here. I opened the door and I looked and I said, 'That's not a coyote, that's a much bigger animal.'"

A security camera captured the below video early Wednesday morning, and while it was not on film, Mines and her partner Peter Rauenbuehler say they heard the mountain lion slam the deer into their metal fence. "He dragged the deer over the railing because there was deer hair over the top," said Rauenbuehler. "And the dogs didn't seem to intimidate the mountain lion at all. They were barking pretty crazy."

Mountain lions are not uncommon around the Bay Area — video of a pair frolicking in Sonoma was shot just two months ago — however Mines and Rauenbuehler had never before had an encounter like Wednesday morning's. "We told the children to be careful when they're out and be aware," Mines explained to ABC 7. "And to carry a stick or umbrella with them, to be big and loud if they see something."

According to KRON 4, the deer carcass was found a few houses down later that day and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife came to remove it — presumably after the mountain lion had its fill.

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