A duo of San Francisco muggers knocked their victim out Sunday, all to steal his phone and cash.

According to the San Francisco Police Department, the 35-year-old male victim was walking near 28th and Guerrero Streets at 6 a.m. Sunday when the attack occurred.

Police say that the man was "walking home and heard someone behind him." When he turned to see who was approaching, one of who he believed were two men smashed a bottle over his head.

The victim was knocked unconscious by the assault, and fell to the ground. When he awoke, he realized his pockets had been raided, and his cell phone and an undisclosed amount of cash had been stolen. He was transported to San Francisco General Hospital for treatment of his injuries, which police say are not life-threatening.

As the man did not get a good look at the suspects before the assault, police did not have a description to share of the duo. As of Wednesday, police say, no arrests have been made in the case.

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