Many of us (*cough*) have literary aspirations, but, as the creator of The Book by Strangers correctly points out, "writing a book is hard." It was perhaps this realization which gave birth to a new kind of book. Written by 100 strangers, one page at a time, the story covers everything from magic squirrels to vomit stubbornly remaining in a co-op sink.

"The idea was to create a book written by strangers and see if words could connect them," Hampus Elfström, the person behind the project, explains. "I asked 100 strangers in San Francisco to jot down something relatable to the previous page. Finally, people who never met each other wrote a book together."

Pretty cool! "Once upon a time there was," reads the first page. "[Just] like it’s hard to make someone stay that doesn’t want to stay, it’s hard to make something memorable. Which is why I hope that this book will live forever," reads the last. There's a lot between.

"A weird book," Elfström observes, "but still a book."

You can read all 100 gloriously weird and wonderful pages online.