Several local demonstrations are planned this weekend and Monday in a show of resistance against President-Elect Donald Trump, and in support of any faithless (or "moral", as they've been recast) electors who would like to rebel against the established norms for the Electoral College.

First, there will be a rally beginning at 2 p.m. Saturday (12/10) at the foot of Market Street, adjacent to Justin Herman Plaza (where there is currently an ice skating rink) in Harry Bridges Plaza. Dubbed "This Is Not Normal: A March Against a Trump Presidency," the self-funded event is seeking donations to cover the cost of permits and printed materials, and you can donate here. So far Facebook shows 1,200 people planning to attend the event, and it will culminate in a march up Market Street starting at 3 p.m.

Next, on Monday, December 12, there will be a series of national events for "women and allies" calling for "#MoralElectors" to "#VoteHimOut" on December 19. Many have suggested that a full-scale elector revolt is not only unprecedented but highly unlikely, but nonetheless there will be demonstrations in all these cities in the hope of gaining some more attention for the cause of upending this no-good terrible election.

They have a petition you can sign here, and there will be a rally at Justin Herman Plaza (or thereabouts) from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. Monday, as well as a parallel rally in Frank Ogawa Plaza in Oakland from noon to 3p.m. on Monday.

Interested organizers are asked to email [email protected], and the hashtags:
#UniteToStopTrump #WomenAndAllies.

Relatedly, this educational cartoon discusses why we should be pushing to kill the "winner takes all" method of distributing a state's electoral votes, since it is not specified in the Constitution that this should be the method — and since if we distributed electoral votes proportionally based on percentages won in each state, Clinton would actually have won. Hashtag: #MakeUsWhole.

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