With numerous over-the-top housing options competing for the dollars of San Francisco's most well paid, The Jasper is doing its best to stand out. And with at least one three-bedroom in the 40-story building listed for $8,000 per month, the building's marketing team certainly has their work cut out for them. It was maybe with this in mind that someone at developer Crescent Heights (the same people that brought us NEMA) decided to spice things up with a little taste of the future. Specifically, CNBC reports, robot butlers and real-time tenant tracking via "beacons" placed around the building.

The butler, pictured above, is called Relay and is manufactured by Savioke. Much like with the terrestrial delivery bots beginning to roam our streets, Relay is less of a "butler" than a way for overworked staff to avoid riding the elevator up 40 stories to deliver peoples' dry cleaning or whatever. "Relay improves guest satisfaction by reliably delivering delight," the company's website tells us. "He's sophisticated on the inside yet fun on the outside."

Don't believe the marketing copy? How about a promotional video, then?

Relay is smaller than the 5-foot-tall security robot most notable for allegedly knocking a toddler to the ground and then running him over at the Stanford Shopping Center earlier this year, but outwardly shares the same R2D2 vibe. And, importantly, this bot's job is more water boy than security guard. "We have had parties where the robots delivered water to our guests and it's pretty funny and outrageous and people are amazed," Crescent Heights VP Roman Speron told CNBC.

But surely, those with $8,000 a month to drop on an apartment will not simply be swayed by promises of a helper bot (Relay has yet to be deployed in the building). Indeed, that's where San Francisco-based Riseio comes in. "App-based predictive technology allowing users to live and work in an environment where the systems and the staff can anticipate and exceed expectations," the website tells us. Basically, residents tie their phones to the opt-in service and it tracks them in real time as they move about the building. By learning about your daily movements, the argument goes, apartment staff — er, robots — can better serve you.

Essentially, Jasper is angling to be the home of the future — where all your needs are met and "predictive service" ensures that nothing can possibly go wrong. Sounds nice. Maybe just keep the kids out of the nursery?

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