How do you spell "DMV"? Like so many Jeopardy questions in post-Who Wants to Be a Millionaire America, the answer is in the question! Yet when asked, several Bay Area residents who are allowed to drive cars seem stumped.

Seriously do NOT get me started on how Jeopardy's made itself significantly easier in past years, with San Francisco burglary victim Alex Trebek visibly squirming as he's forced to lower himself to pose queries that seem increasingly pop-culture based. Then again...


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Where was I? Oh, yeah, the DMV.

So KRON 4's Stanley Roberts decided it might be fun to pose some California driving law questions to patrons at the San Mateo DMV. Drivers could have done better, I suppose, when asked about smoking weed while driving (illegal) or driving barefoot (also illegal despite what Stanley suggests, legal.). But check out the looks of confusion on their faces when Roberts asks them how to spell "DMV." Seems like the kind of quick and clear thinking one wants in commanders of ton-plus hunks of fast-moving metal!

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