You can expect some protests to erupt this winter as Breitbart editor and accused Twitter racist Milo Yiannopoulos arrives in the Bay Area on his ongoing to tour of college campuses, dubbed the "Dangerous Faggot Tour." As ABC 7 reports, Yiannopoulos is set to appear at Santa Clara University on January 9, UC Davis on January 13, and then at UC Berkeley on February 1, sparking all kinds of debates about free speech and why aggressively dumb people are paid to say aggressively dumb things. And some students at Davis have already written a letter of protest calling the 31-year-old firebrand a white nationalist.

Parlaying his position as a gay man who gets off on being Ann Coulter-style conservative and contrarian into a series of lucrative speaking gigs, Yiannopoulos has been preaching to the choir about the stupidity of political correctness, the evil of social justice warriors (SJWs), and why he got banned from Twitter at such campuses as Texas A&M, Florida State, and University of Alabama. But he's also gotten himself on the calendar at more liberal Ivy League institutions like Yale, Columbia, and U. Penn in recent weeks.

Yiannopoulos courts controversy and believes it's daring of himself to defend the rights of conservatives to hold xenophobic and/or racist views in an age of political correctness, and thus he's become a darling of conservative subreddits that think Obama and SJWs are ruining the world. In May, during a speaking gig at DePaul University in Illinois, two people stormed the stage and allegedly threatened to assault Yiannopoulos and then activists took over the stage and shut down the event, sparking anger among college Republicans and others, and possibly spurring the resignation of the University's president during the subsequent unrest on campus.

In June, Yiannopoulos used the occasion of the mass shooting at Pulse nightclub in Orlando to suggest that such events are the fault of the Left for embracing Muslims over the LGBT community.

In July, Yiannopoulos tried to brush it off when he got permanently banned from Twitter following a high-profile harassment case centered on comedian and Ghostbusters star Leslie Jones — Yiannopoulos has defended himself saying he was merely calling her ugly and unfunny, but there were misogynist and racist tinges to much of the attack, and the outright racism and shrieking hatred of Yiannopoulos's fan base in response could not be denied. But there's no doubt that taking away his Twitter account had to have impacted the reach of Yiannopoulos's repetitive message about how he has a right to be asshole.

In response to his scheduled appearance at UC Davis, a group of students sent a letter to the administration saying, "The use of campus facilities and resources to host and therefore legitimize a white nationalist runs completely counter to the stated goals of the University of California and serves as a direct threat toward traditionally marginalized groups on campus."

UC Berkeley, where campus Republicans have sparked outrage before, will likely see some loud responses to Yiannopoulos's rhetoric, especially in the weeks after the inauguration. Just wait.

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