Yiff, everybody!

Wait, did I use that right? According to the meme dictionary website Know Your Meme, "Yiff" is a term among furries — a subculture/fandom of people who claim identities as cuddly, sometimes sexy animals — that means an "exuberant hello."

Oh, wait, just read a bit further down: "Yiff" can describe a sex act. Hmm. But that meaning apparently eluded the censors at the CA DMV:


"Yiff" aside, the DMV saw fit to recently reject a request for a more on-the-nose furry license plate, which was to read "FURRIES."

That's according to intrepid chronicler of the furry life the Dogpatch Press: The request came from reader and furry person Pup Nacho, a San Francisco resident according to their Twitter account. Their bio: "I like belly rubs & treats, bondage and furries! 18+."

The letter: "Per California Vehicle Code, Section 5105, the department may refuse any combination of letters and numbers that may be considered offensive, which could be misleading, or in conflict with any existing license plate series issued. The primary purpose of review is to determine if a requested license plate configuration is appropriate to manufacture. Unfortunately, DMV is unable to approve the requested license plate configuration for the following reason: The plate configuration has a sexual connotation, or is a term of lust or depravity."

As Pup Nacho wrote to the Dogpatch Press, "This is super frustrating to me, and I’m kind of baffled that furries would be categorized as a sexual connotation or act of depravity. I really don’t like our state defining the fandom in that way. - Licks and Wags, Nacho!”

To borrow a phrase from the furry haters: "Yiff in hell, DMV!"

"For all the jokes, it’s true, furries doesn’t mean much by itself," the Dogpatch Press explains, critical of the DMV's decision. "I’ll leave it up to readers to wonder how many others have had a similar experience. But I have to call it silly, and say they might as well try to stop us from laughing."

Indeed, as previously noted, other in-group slang has evaded the DMV.

In fact, one furry with a "by all means" attitude appears to have grafted together letters from other license plates, ransom note style, to form the perfect furry plate.

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"A Volkswagen FOX 2 door with animal-print seat covers, furry-related license plates, and a furry-related bumper sticker, photographed by Kevin Simpson in July 2006.Car is owned by the furry Question Mark." Kevin Simpson via Wikimedia Commons