San Francisco Uber drivers are gearing up for a strike tomorrow as part of a nationwide labor-protest seeking a livable wage. Reuters reports that the action is being organized by Fight For $15, a group seeking union representation and a $15 minimum wage for a coalition of workers across the country.

Tuesday's protest is set to take place in 340 cities, according to the group's website, and will include fast-food workers and airport employees in addition to ride-hail app drivers. "Everyone says the gig economy is the future of work," Denver-based Uber driver Justin Berisie told CNN, "but if we want to make that future a bright one, we need to join together like fast-food workers have in the Fight for $15 and demand an economy that works for all."

In SF, that protest will reportedly manifest as drivers picketing at SFO while holding signs reading "Your Uber Driver is Arriving Striking."

This will not be the first San Francisco protest by Uber drivers seeking better wages. In January of this year a group staged a "honk in" in front of the company's SF headquarters following an announcement that Uber would cut fares 12 to 27 percent. "We work 80 hour weeks $600 after all fees," read signs taped to cars. "Uber makes $60 billion and calls us 'golden drivers.' No more abuse, enough is enough!, stop the greed."

In conversation with Reuters, Berisie put it another way. "Someone who lives in America and goes to work every day, that person deserves a decent living."

San Francisco International Airport is one of 20 airports Fight For $15 intends to target tomorrow, with organizers writing that action is especially important now following the recent election. "Newly-elected politicians and newly-empowered corporate special interests are pushing an extremist agenda to move the country to the right," the group explained in a statement. "That’s why we’re taking to the streets on November 29th — our four-year-old Fight for $15 will not back down! Any efforts to block wage increases, gut workers’ rights or healthcare, deport immigrants, or support racism or racist policies, will be met with UNRELENTING OPPOSITION."

So if you're looking to hail a ride from SFO tomorrow maybe try Lyft? Or, heaven forbid, a taxi — they can use the business.

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