Kittens. Who doesn't love watching them do things? This universally beloved pastime is made easy every holiday season by the SF SPCA and Macy's, two organizations that team up to put puppies and kittens in Union Square windows and stream the action live on the internet.

There are three videos this year — all available to watch in real time — on the SF SPCA site (scroll down to "live feeds" — sadly, no embedding). The first video shows two kittens playing around a candy-cane stripped box, while the second video shows a puppy (presently) sleeping. It's the third video, however, that has really grabbed our attention as the two little scamps sharing the glass prison have been full on going at it for the last twenty minutes. The glee with which they bat at each other is only matched by that of the shoppers, delighting in photographing the animal combat with their iPhones.

All it needs is a Sir David Attenborough-style voice over and we would have our own Planet Earth-style action going down right here in San Francisco. And while they will certainly tire out soon, we can only image rivals of this sort will just as quickly return to the fray.

This is the 30th anniversary for the animal-in-the-window holiday tradition, and the canine and felines will be on display until January 1. According to the SF SPCA, over 300 animals are adopted every year as a result of the display window, and over $100,000 is raised for the organization. So, if you like what you see, maybe toss the SF SPCA a few bucks. Or, even better, consider giving one of the cute things its forever home. That would be a Black Friday acquisition we could all get behind.

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