A couple looking to commemorate being happily pregnant — or perhaps celebrating a shotgun wedding? — were out at one of the city's traditionally favored photoshoot locations recently, Baker Beach, dipping their toes in the ocean on a sunny day as a photographer snapped away with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background. But, because it was a sunny day at Baker Beach, there was also an older male out sunbathing in the nude who did not give a damn if he got in the shot.

Someone on Reddit picked up the photo, saying this was "a couple days ago," and we did have a hot spell there.

Subsequently the Daily Mail took up the story, because it's funny, and involves nudity.

This half of Baker Beach, closest to the bridge, is of course clothing optional and has been for decades.

It would appear the photo in question was taken not by the professional photographer herself but either by a bystander or an assistant, and it was likely easy to keep the nudist out of the frame of the photo itself.

But this is a fine "Keep San Francisco Weird" moment to chuckle over in These Troubled Times.

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