Local food maven Omar Mamoon, founder of egg-free cookie company Dough & Co., who earlier this year exposed the "secret" menu options at House of Prime Rib, has now been enlisted by the Chronicle to share details known only to in-the-know regulars about off-menu options at 110+-year-old Swan Oyster Depot.

Most of this secret menu came out of special requests from regulars, some hungrier than others, like a $90 plate called The Maverick with a bound of crab, a smoked trout filet, and four prawns.

The biggest takeaways? Crab fiends need to know about the "crabsanthemum", which is just a giant plate of a couple dozen shucked crab legs, arranged in a flower pattern, that you can get with either a side of Louie dressing, or their oil and vinegar dressing — which Mamoon tells us is actually a house vinaigrette made with half Dijon mustard and half crab fat, as emulsifiers.

They occasionally have sea urchin (uni) that they serve right in the sometimes still moving spiny shell — and this isn't off menu so much as you just need to look in the window to see if they have any in.

And they have a couple raw sashimi-style plates worth mentioning: the "dozen eggs" is a plate of thinly sliced raw scallop with ponzu sauce and dotted with sriracha, and they do what they call Sicilian sashimi, i.e. a crudo plate, in which "Thinly sliced raw salmon, tuna and scallops are served simply with a drizzle of olive oil, freshly cracked black pepper and some capers on top."

Sign me up.

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